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[VIDEO] Hear The Howl Of The First Supercharged C8 Corvette!

When it comes to aftermarket tuning and customizations, it is undeniable the new C8 Corvette Stingray is a favorite for modifications. We have seen numerous types of tweaks done to the supercar, including a widebody kit, turbo kits, and exhaust systems.

The most recent notable modification is from ProCharger Supercharger. This performance shop is the first to supercharge the C8 Corvette.

The first preview they made of the new supercharger was just a teaser. Of course, this caused enthusiasts to ask for more. Fortunately, ProCharger listened to its fans. They just posted another video, this time showing how the supercharged V8 howled. It is far from being shabby or weak.

With a supercharger, the C8 Corvette can produce as high as 700 horsepower. Anybody could expect that its sound cranks up too. And it did!

Furthermore, this particular kit is a bolt-on, which makes it extremely easy to install. If you know the anatomy of your C8, you will be able to integrate the bolt-on kit using simple tools.

n this video, the supercharged V8 is operating around 8 to 9 psi of boost. Therefore, the kit is not just a user-friendly installation but also gives desirable boosted results. The ability to increase the performance of your C8 by at least 40% proves that this performance kit is worth acquiring.

The only sad thing is that ProCharger doesn’t have a final date for market availability. Its price is unknown, too. We hope that once it is available commercially, we will be able to get it right away. There’s no doubt that this performance product for the C8 will be popular.

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